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About us

Tanide is a collective platform for disseminating and reflecting on the voices of independent feminists living in Iran and around the world. The mission of Tanide is to unite the realms of knowledge and action in order to amplify ongoing efforts and resistances, which are intersectional and intergenerational in nature, and to strengthen and facilitate regional and transnational solidarity in the Middle East and beyond. Feminist uprisings in Iran and the MENA region in recent years have led to new encounters and the emergence of a new social imagination that transcends narrow identity and centrist frameworks and challenges (neo)oriental and global neoliberal hegemonic ideas. With the progressive, comprehensive Woman, Life, Freedom/Jin, Jiyan, Azadi uprising, we have gathered to continue fighting for the decades-long struggles of women and marginalised bodies in the region and explore new spaces and paths that have opened up. The voices of Tanide mirror the increasing reverberation of plural languages that speak in a multitude of tongues of and for the suppressed and excluded bodies that have been marginalized by patriarchy, tradition, theocracy, centralism, and the imposed order of capitalism. These bodies have reached an irreversible turning point in their historical battle to reclaim their subjectivities and make other futures possible. Our work at Tanide focuses on multiple actions: we write, we compose, we connect, and we act. We do not remain women; we become women. This knowledge is linked to life, and life is resistance – resistance that can make another world possible.